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Monitoring & evaluation reports on SDDP 2012 PDF icon 7-11-20129-08-41_am.pdf, PDF icon 7-11-20129-03-58_am.pdf, PDF icon 7-11-20129-22-00_am.pdf
Monitoring & evaluation reports on SDDP 2013 PDF icon 18-11-201310-27-33_am.pdf, PDF icon 11-11-20139-29-17_am.pdf
Monitoring & evaluation reports on SDDP 2014 PDF icon 3-11-201410-24-39_am.pdf, PDF icon 27-8-20149-55-10_am.pdf, File 20-4-201410-02-40_am.xlsx, File 31-8-201410-53-05_am.xlsx, PDF icon 2-9-201411-43-59_am.pdf, PDF icon 12-6-201410-15-34_am.pdf, PDF icon 12-6-201410-15-43_am.pdf, PDF icon 12-6-201410-15-53_am.pdf, PDF icon 12-6-201410-16-02_am.pdf, PDF icon 12-6-201410-16-10_am.pdf, PDF icon 3-11-20149-45-02_am.pdf, PDF icon 2-11-201410-32-03_am.pdf
Monitoring & evaluation reports on SDDP 2015 PDF icon 8-11-20159-27-35_am.pdf, PDF icon 8-11-20159-27-46_am.pdf, File 10-5-20158-46-21_am.xlsx, File 8-11-201511-28-16_am_2.xlsx, PDF icon 31-1-20162-36-33_pm.pdf, PDF icon 31-1-201610-12-17_am.pdf
Monitoring & Evaluation reports on SDDP 2016 PDF icon 8-9-201612-52-37_pm.pdf, PDF icon 8-9-201612-52-50_pm.pdf, File 8-11-201511-28-16_am.xlsx, PDF icon 10-2-20169-15-39_am.pdf
Monitoring & evaluation reports on SDDP
Formal letter issued by the Monitoring & Evaluation Division
Achievements of Monitoring & Evaluation Division
Tasks Monitoring and Evaluation Division
Monitoring and Evaluation Objectives
Administrative procedures for violating the instructions of the general secondary exam PDF icon 3-4-20148-28-18_am.pdf
Directory of services provided to external service recipients PDF icon 20-7-201411-48-08_am.pdf
Communication Strategy 2012-2016 PDF icon 13-11-201211-13-57_am.pdf
Informational Bulletin of the Department of Information System PDF icon 17-6-20121-21-15_pm.pdf
General policy framework Microsoft Office document icon gfs.doc
School Formations File 30-10-20118-14-40_am.rar
Presentation of the Assessment of Educational Statistics and Indicators up to 2040 (Forecasting) PDF icon mis2.pdf
Presentation of the information system management department PDF icon mis1.pdf
Progress in the implementation of the GFMIS project in July 2010 File resaleh_101.docx
OAT Preparation Workshop PDF icon 12-7-20108-18-05_am.pdf


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